Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Angry Series: 3 Signs you're a savage woman in relationships

So today, we're talking about a femme fatale. Are you one? The more I got to thinking and talking about it, I realized the real word I need to use was savage. And so, that's the word that I am going to use. But first let's get some running definitions. What is a femme fatale? 

Friday, January 26, 2018

Get your ISH together: Evaluate and keep it moving

So you've stuck it through. Your ish is finally coming together or... maybe it's not. After sticking it out for some time, being consistent and working on your ish. It's finally time to review that ish and see what's happening. This calls for an evaluation.

In therapy I evaluate my clients. I've already established what metrics to use and what it will look like if my client is successful. During evaluations I'm not only evaluating our progress but how my interventions are working to even help the client. I need to see on my end if things are working in conjunction with the client.

Very similarly when we evaluate our progress we need to ask ourselves are a few things.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Get your ISH together: The struggle

 So you've you picked your one ish to work on. And you've broken down some short term goals and some metrics to measure for progress (am I sounding to clinical?) You've basically have some sort of plan on how you'll do it and what to look for as progress.

You get up the next day and you're full of energy. You're eager and motivated to start this new thing. A week later, you're going strong, proud of yourself and loving it. About two weeks in, you'll wake up one day...and just won't feel it. You won't be motivated, you've lost your mojo, and the only thing that interests you is possibly going back to whatever ish you were doing before making this change.

What happened?