Keeping up with the Joneses...

No really. Who are the Joneses family, you ask? Well they are 'those' people. They have this rich and appealing lifestyle that makes you think everything you have is nothing more than second grade no name brand lifestyle. They have the marriage, the dog, the cat, the perfect kids, the Ipad, the SUV with all the fixins, the 5 bedroom home they custom built upon returning from their trip from Italy which they used to pay for with their six digit income...

You know who they are? Actually, depending on where you are, the Jones' could be more or less. Even the Joneses have a Joneses.

So why do the  Joneses have this incredibly depressing impact on everyone else? Well simply because we fall for their illusion. Many people give the illusion that their life is seamless and 'easier' than anyone else. I have heard from so many different clients about how they 'think' they are not who they are or where they are supposed to be...because they are comparing themselves to the Joneses in their lives. When you self compare, you are pretty much comparing apples to oranges. Not only that but you lose sight of what you have been blessed with and focusing on building your strengths, because you are tearing down your self esteem comparing yourself to someone who isn't you.

However the truth is, we are all the  Joneses. Someone, somewhere wants what you have. I promise. I've learned the secret. The true  Joneses are truly happy because they have found satisfaction in being themselves. So what, you don't have the latest and greatest inventions, Kuerigs, Ipads, Flatscreens, Brand new cars with rims, new wardrobe seasonally, etc, etc. All those things are materialistic and while they can help cover up your true issues, you will ALWAYS have to keep up with the  Joneses to feel your worth. Be satisfied with what you have, especially in knowing that somewhere, someone else is trying to keep up with you.

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