My favorites: Self Care Apps

One of the best things about cell phone technologies (among many negative!) is the accessibility to applications that are truly beneficial for well-being. As a counselor, not only have I looked for the best apps for clients, but also self-care for the counselor.

As a mother, as a friend, generally as a human being I find these apps helpful when trying to deal with stress, unbalance in life, and anxiety. Here are the top five applications I use and recommend for some self-care.

1. The Attitude of Gratitude
This app is awesome and one of my most favorite all time applications. I have done quite a bit of drug and alcohol counseling in the past few years and I've learned, taught, and lived by the almighty gratitude list. This app is great because it's an on the go - gratitude journal and it can be great source of self care. Using this app daily, it can remind you to think and list of what you are grateful for. You can use words or take pictures. One of the most helpful things about it, is that you can revisit any day or journal style scrollings to review what your thankful for, especially on days when your running low on all emotional, physical, and mental strength. It's nice to be reminded of what all you do have. 

2. CBT Diary
This app is the MACdaddy (yeah I said that) of self help! The cogntive CBT diary is great for on-the-go emotional regulation. I remember waiting for a response about my health at the doctor's office and being SUPER anxious. I whipped my phone out and started walking through the steps of CBT diary. This uses basic cognitive therapy skills to help you list out your concern, identify your feelings, identify the IRRATIONAL COGNITION/ THOUGHTS, and then replace them with more realistic and rational thought processes. I know this might sound a bit much, but I recommend this, it's practically like talking to a therapist right there and then! Your entries all save and you can revisit thm as

3. Anki-Droid
I use this flashcard app, a bit differently than to study. I list out bible verses, phrases, confessions, and positive affrimations on these digital notecards. I enjoy having them on my phone because when I'm having negative thoughts - I like to read my statements to help boost my mood, confidence and lower my stress/anxiety level. I find them very helpful and convenient. 
4. Pocket

This app is very common and an app I use very often. I find myself using it so much at night to unwind after the kids go to bed. Pocket works by allowing you to save offline version of websites, articles, blog posts, and other readable media from your IOS/android device (this is also available for PC web view). This works great when your flying through life one day at 101 MPH, and you see articles that you'd like to read but are unable to. I consider this great for self care, if you like to read to relax. At the end of the day - I might have saved several pinterest articles, blog posts or Facebook articles, in which I'll climb into bed with dessert and begin reading.
5. First 5
Although this app is last this is probably my favorite and MOST USED application lately. This app by Proverbs 31 ministry was just released last month and I had been waiting desperately for it. Part of my self care is spending time personal time with God. But my life is so busy and hectic with little ones, I just don;t have the freedom, quiet, or flexibility to indulge like I once had. This app is an optional alarm clock that awakens you with a devotional and space to journal your thoughts. It's great for me, because the first thing I pick up in the AM (even before my coffee!) is my cell phone. And using this app, the first i'll see is my devotional for the day. It allows me to meditate on the devotional, respond - and even seek more.

So there you have it, my favorite self care apps - can be used anywhere, anytime, to help me relax in world that can be so chaotic! What apps have you tried? Are there any you would consider your favorites? Post your comments below!

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