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Ask NWC Counseling: Who should be angry?

(Photo by Growley-Ferret) Back Story : The reader explains that someone offended them by their words and/or actions. The reader felt angry towards the offending person, however was told that they should not allow themselves to be angry and if they do become angry they are in the wrong. Question: Why isn't the offending person responsible for my feelings or emotions in response to their actions?

Politics make people mean.

I'm absolutely sure most of everyone is drained by the mental exhaustion of absorbing the overwhelming news, feedback and discussion about the election this year. However - during all this I observed many interesting things that have inspired to write. In essence, what about the elections makes people show their true colors? And why are they unable to debate about politics in sensible and humane ways? You ready for the answer? People don't know how to utilize assertive communication. This is what it all comes down to. People are unable to express their opinions in an assertive way versus aggressively trying to force their feelings and thoughts down another individual's throat.

NWC Counseling is...

Ahh...the beginning of something wonderful! Welcome to NWC Counseling's Blog! I'm very familiar to the blogging game, but honestly this opportunity to blog about my business, counseling and encouragement is truly such an exciting venture!  First and foremost, let me give my audience an idea of who I am and what NWC Counseling is all about.