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#TalktomeThursday: Relationship KILLERS - Communication!

Hi friends! Today I'm posting a video from my  Business facebook page  (that you can go 'like'  to be up to date on all of our updates and offerings :-)) This video was requested as usual, and it focused on how we ruin our relationships with these 3 KILLERS in communication. Enjoy!

#talktomeThursday: Forgiveness

Hey everyone! If you missed my live  Facebook  video about Forgiveness, I've added it here! This video I attempted to break down forgiveness in a practical way and help others understand how withholding forgiveness can really negatively impact your relationships as well as your own contentedness. Enjoy!

#TalktomeThursday: Anger!

This video is my first 'Live' video on Facebook! I shared some insight into dealing with our anger as natural but mindful emotions. Please like my  Facebook page  to get all of our news and updates!