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Soul Sunday: A reward from a mother's womb...

Along my spiritual journey, I often ask God to reveal himself to me throughout my day. Allow me to for a moment - see past my usual mundane tasks and see how he;s working in my life. Often, these times come at the most unexpected moments and help me to listen to his whispers.

Soul Sunday: It was all a dream...

Dreams. They come and they go. Sometimes you remember them, sometimes they fizzle away before you get to recall 'em. I've always been a Freudian type girl so naturally I believe dreams really tell more of what we unconsciously have going on inside. Due to this, I've always been in tow with my dream dictionary handy and journal to document any wild visions. And I have also believe that at times God will talk to my directly through my dreams, much as I've read about those in the bible before me.

Soul Sunday: Ode to the perfect mother

Dear Perfect Mother - I see you.