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Marriage Matters: Serving your spouse (even when you don't feel like it!)

Today's post might be my most unpopular. Servant-hood in itself is a touchy subject and definitely an area of growth for most of us. Serving can mean different things, so let me clarify what I mean when I refer to serving our spouse.

Soul Sunday - In your darkest hour

The dark moments of our life. We dread them. We avoid them at all costs. We pray, we grumble, we complain, we cry, we decide we just won't (or can't). No one really tells us about the darker times we'll experience in life.

Marriage Matters: Ways we silently hurt each other...

Today I focus on some of the top ways partners hurt each other in relationships. But here's the kicker, these are silent ways we hurt each other. Those sneaky, passive and indirect ways we hit where it hurts. I often refer to these as silent because sometimes we don't see them coming and sometimes we don't recover from them easy...

Soul Sunday: Complaining vs Venting - What are you doing?

Spiritually - I'm learning that complaining (and murmuring) gets me very little in my walk with God. It prevents me from making better choices, being faithful, and guarding my heart. Essentially - it's my way of questioning God or being doubtful of him. Naturally - complaining can have the same ill effects. But wait a minute...I'm a counselor. Don't I help listen to people complain ALL day long. Don't I bank on peoples sorrows and ongoing dissatisfaction of life? Nope.