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All You Need is Love: Love & Boundaries (Your Turn!)

How have you all been enjoying this series? I hope it's brought some encouragement and insight into the importance of love. Since February is such a short month we are wrapping up this series. But we couldn't end it without talking about the healthy connection between loving ourselves and loving others.

All You Need is Love: Loving Others

What did you think of last week's post? Were you loving yourself or neglecting? Either way, were you able to make any small changes to begin a more positive track? These questions are vital because today we are moving on to loving others.

All You Need is Love: Loving Thyself

I took a blogging break in January to really focus on my blog outline for 2016, the topics, issues, and challenges I wanted to give encouragement on. Naturally for February, I wanted to really hone in on the notion of Love. Through marriage, through relationships, and most importantly loving ourselves. Hence - my February series: All you need is love! Today's post is targeted specifically about loving yourself. I'm sure you've heard it before - but how can you love someone else, when you don't love yourself? What does that even mean, though?