Soul Sunday: A reward from a mother's womb...

Along my spiritual journey, I often ask God to reveal himself to me throughout my day. Allow me to for a moment - see past my usual mundane tasks and see how he;s working in my life. Often, these times come at the most unexpected moments and help me to listen to his whispers.

This past week I had taken my children to a children's garden - a bright open field with decorated upcycled shelters and play areas. Near the children's garden was a conversation 'pond' with a trail beside it for walking. We decided to go along the trail, since it a fairly nice day and I was energized.

That morning I had been 'moping' to my husband about how different life is, staying home you know? And how much I missed the camaraderie of co-workers, doing therapy and changing lives while earning a steady expected living. In that moment - I didn't really trust God. Maybe, I had heard him wrong? Maybe he meant for me to work full time again? How could you want me to stay home? These children drive me bonkers at times.

Carrying on - I continued on my trail, where my son spotted a man fishing in the back of the trail. Of course, he wanted to go very close to identify what the man was doing, and why. We cautiously approached the man, who greeted us kindly. He began talking to my son and asking about our family - and I became hesitant of the information to give. He suddenly said...before you leave, I'd like to pray for you and your family. He further explained he was an intercessor (a person who intervenes an behalf of another, especially by prayer - per google) and that's what he's called to do.

Somewhat uncomfortable but unwilling to say 'Thanks but no thanks' and run like crazy into the woods - I grabbed my family close and prayed.

The intercessor's prayer surrounded Psalms 127 chapter regarding how children are rewards from the Lord. When he finished he asked me to go home and read Psalms 127 and 'watch God work in my life'.

After we left - the next morning with my time with God - I studied Psalms 127. My heart stirred as I read and reread the 2-3rd verse.

"It is a waste of time to get up early and stay up late, trying to make a living.
The LORD provides for those he loves, even while they are sleeping.
Children are a gift from the LORD, a reward from the a mother's womb"

Oh- hey God. Talk about showing up at the right time. God was reminding me that there was no sense killing myself at that job. Working long hours and being overworked, keeping my kids in daycare all day and splitting myself four ways for 2 hours when I get home. For many women - it's our reality. But in that moment, for this season, it's not for me. God wants me to rely on him - trust him. He will provide for me and my family...even in my sleep. He's given me the opportunity to a new full time job - being a Mom. And it's work. But it's also flexible, with awesome benefits. How lucky he's rewarded my years of working, studying and getting close to him with two amazing beautiful children.

These are moments I love and cherish. These are also the moments I'd like to use to encourage women seeking my services. Mother's and wives looking for the gifts and rewards rather than the barriers and frustrations in our every day lives, whether they choose to stay home or work full time.

What rewards or gifts can you think of today he's given you? Encourage someone below!

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