Soul Sunday: It was all a dream...

Dreams. They come and they go. Sometimes you remember them, sometimes they fizzle away before you get to recall 'em. I've always been a Freudian type girl so naturally I believe dreams really tell more of what we unconsciously have going on inside. Due to this, I've always been in tow with my dream dictionary handy and journal to document any wild visions. And I have also believe that at times God will talk to my directly through my dreams, much as I've read about those in the bible before me.

But a few weeks ago I had an incredibly vivid dream, and it involved some main themes. Now as a gold star dreamer (is that a thing?) I woke up and wrote down the main themes and looked them up.

The main themes were watching it pour down rain from big glass windows. Seeing a woman being taken advantaged of in a parking lot and seeing blood from that interaction. The woman had a young child nearby, who thankfully, although around seemed 'un-involved' and focused on something else. The dream by far - bothered me, and when I awoke I felt very disturbed.

Eager to get some kind of understanding I began looking up the themes and I used both a spiritual based and non spiritual based dream dictionary. I came up with the same definitions:

Seeing rain: Spiritual ideas and insights; God's revival
Sexual misconduct: Feeling powerless; negative experiences your unable to stop
Blood: Sacrifice, passion

I mulled over this dream during my quiet time with God. Praying and asking what it all meant. It really bothered me, the whole theme, so I incessantly journaled while pouring out to him. By the end of my time, I wrote this:

"Women who allow family to take advantage of them, in order to avoid feeling guilt - selfless sacrifice'. As women we are always putting everyone else's needs before our own...and we also feel good about that [the fact we put everyone's needs before our own]. "

The spiritual insight I received spoke straight to my heart. My passion, my specialty, my expertise would lead to working with women. All different types of women, women who work, women who stay home, women who struggle with depression and anxiety, women who are coping with losses, women who are fighting every single day to cope. That's the DREAM (you can say vision) I believe God wanted to cast on my heart.

And I accept it. 

Have you had vivid dreams lately? Take the challenge - your higher power could be trying to reach out to you about some vision, goal, issues that are in your heart. Document your dreams upon waking up, find a beginner's dream dictionary [try Here]  and begin journaling! List some of your thoughts or crazy dreams below in the comments! 

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