Life happens.

So here I am...2 years later, rebuilding a brand I began. How did this happen? Where did it go? Where did I go? WHAT'S GOING ON??

Life. Yes my happened to me.

Currently, my higher power, has positioned me BACK into the private practice arena, after two years...well, in the wilderness. I say the wilderness because I refer to when Moses disappeared for forty years (thank goodness, I only had two!) to re-up, re-plan, and re-focus! I'd like to think that's exactly what I did. I had time to re-evaluate things I wanted in life (stability, more babies, etc.) and well, make choices to do just that. That meant unfortunately putting my practice on hold to deal with 'life'.

But things certainely come full I am a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) with two kids under four, part-time counselor, full-time wife and extreme couponer :)

For two years I questioned God on the new direction for my life, especially when he called me to stay home...but hindsight is 20/20, I've learned so many new skills, made new friends, and inspired fresh ideas that will really help revamp my ability to help others...

I'm looking forward to this journey. Life happens but God always has a plan <3

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