Soul Sunday: Being in the right place spiritually

Many people struggle with maintaining spirituality. And just as the other components of being healthy (mental, physical, emotional, social, etc.), spirituality has been proven just as vital to overall health.

These Sunday entries will be titled 'Soul Sunday' where I'll explore the areas of spiritual health. A combination of readers Q&A, my own experiences and common teachings will be blogged to help and encourage spiritual health.

In my own counseling skills, I enjoy integrating spiritual experiences into therapy. As mentioned about it can be a vital source of happiness, peace, and hope for many. Although I'm not experienced in EVERY type of religion, I enjoy using phrases such as 'higher power' to help assist people in finding their own journey or relating.

Personally, I am a christian and finding my spiritual place, has taken years of journaling and learning more about my personal relationship with God. I learned through my own experiences and teachings at church that my relationship with God, is just that, my own relationship. And I believe that he desires a personal relationship with everyone who believes. I've struggled with maintaining my faith and following my dreams - but God has showed up every time, JUST in time, to lead me. I enjoy helping others Christian using my experiences and love for God to develop better spiritual skills and learn how strengthening their relationship with God can feed their soul, putting them in the right place spiritually. At the end of the day, where your at spiritually can make all the difference in where you want to be and how to get there.

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