Differences Between Anger and Depression

Are you angry? Are you depressed? Are you unsure what you are feeling?

Depression mixed with anger creates a lot of different feelings. Since depression can be used interchangeably and often for other feelings, let’s get a running definition.  Individuals with depression can
  • Feel a sadness that can be really hard to explain, or they themselves are unable to understand the reason. One might think, “Everything is going great, why do I feel so terrible?”
  • It can also involve changes in our sleep and eating patterns. We may go from eating three meals a day to suddenly binging on food, or not eating at all. You may also notice a disturbance in your sleeping habits, increase in insomnia, or sleeping the day away.
  • Sometimes feeling unmotivated and tired is another sign.  It can feel as if we’re having a hard time getting out of a black hole or rut. Everything takes so much energy.
  • All of these things can happen to anybody, however, if you’re ever diagnosed with clinical depression it is often something that lasts for a certain period of time, over time.

So what’s not ‘depression’? Here are some indicators:
  • Having a bad day
  • Procrastinating
  • Perfectionism
  • Being moody

So let’s chat about how adding anger to symptoms of depression can manifest. We often notice these behaviors when we’re not taking care of ourselves. Here are some formulas I’ve created to help remember these mixing of the emotions we’ll discuss in detail in this series:
  • Feeling sad + anger = frustration
    • When we’re already feeling sad and down about something and then we’re angry we tend to get frustrated.
  • Unhealthy diet + poor sleeping = irritable
    • We usually don’t want anyone to talk to us and we’re really on edge.
  • Unmotivated + anger = really hopeless
    • We start to feel apathetic, maybe think we’re just moving through the motions of our job, family life, or other roles.

If you struggle with depression or anger and that’s really a hard place for you, please feel free to reach out to me. I specialize in working with women who need to find their voice, who are looking for ways to set boundaries, to be assertive. If you think you might need some work in this area, please go to my website or look at some of my services on the facebook page so you’re able to get connected with me. I can help you move forward and past some of these issues.

Want to watch my live video over this topic? Head to my facebook page to see the visuals.

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