Are you Content or Complacent?

What is being content? What is being complacent? Do you want to be content or do you want to be complacent? Which one is good? Which one is bad?

Being content, or having contentment is being in a state of happiness and satisfaction. Happiness is not something we can live in 24/7 and if we try to strive to live in happiness 24/7 this is when sometimes we have a lot of funky stuff happen to us because humans weren’t made to live in any particular feeling for a long period of time. Emotions are very important – they help you recognize what’s happening, what’s working, and what’s not working in your body and in your life. They’re not bad things but living in a state of emotion for a long period of time can be a negative thing. The idea that contentment is a state of happiness or satisfaction means that it’s a place that you’re in that you feel happy or satisfied about what’s happening in your life.

Complacent is when you are essentially showing satisfaction of yourself or of your achievement. When you’re being complacent that means that you may overly think more of yourself. It’s being in a place that you think you don’t have any area for growth – you’re “really good.” You essentially don’t think you have room to grow and you’re just going to stay right there in that space that you are in.
Now when you have contentment, it means that you are open for growth. You may be content with where you’re at like, like maybe at your job or you may be content with where you’re at with your family. However, if you think “I’m beyond this – there’s nothing else that I can learn about this “ then you might be in a state of complacency which is not a good place to be in if you want to grow as an individual, keep adding to your toolbox, and your experiences in life.

If you struggle with being content or complacent and that’s really a hard place for you, please feel free to reach out to me. I specialize in working with women who need to find their voice, who are looking for ways to set boundaries, to be assertive. If you think you might need some work in this area, please go to my website or look at some of my services on the facebook page so you’re able to get connected with me. I can help you move forward and past some of these issues.

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