Barriers to Happiness Part. 1

What are the barriers that prevent us from being happy? What are the actual things that come in to play that prevent us from actually experiencing happiness?
One of the many issues that are experienced by people everyday is that they are just not happy. They’re not happy about where they’re at in life, they’re not happy about who they chose to be with, or happy about the kids that they made – people just genuinely struggle to be happy.

One of the things I always talk to people about is trying to understand some of the barriers that prevent you from being happy because sometimes if we’re being honest – it’s a physical barrier – like we are physically cannot be happy because maybe there’s something happening in our bodies, maybe there’s something happening in our environment, and then sometimes it’s our mental health. Sometimes were not happy because of how we perceive the situation or how we perceive things around us

I want to talk about three points of why people might experience discontentment or just not being happy – essentially what blocks their ability to be happy.
1.      Having a scarcity mindset:
a.      We spend an inordinate amount of time calculating how much we have and don’t have and how much everyone else has. We are often comparing our lives, our marriages, our families and our communities to unattainable media driven versions of perfection or we’re holding up our reality against our own fictional account of how great someone else has it.
2.      Comparing ourselves to other people:
a.      So many people are unhappy because they are simply looking at the next person and comparing themselves. A lot of people will be very content with their lives until they realize that other people are doing something differently than them, and that’s where the discontentment comes in. People tend to forget that we aren’t all on the same playing field and that our lives move in different directions.
3.      People sabotage themselves.
a.      In this context – to sabotage and to undergo suffering essentially means that you cannot accept what is. Its hard for some people to accept that we cannot make things be what they are not but for a lot of us, we are unhappy because we are trying to hard to make things that aren’t, aren’t.

So these are the three points of why people might experience discontentment. These are some main things that block people’s ability to be happy.

If you struggle with being discontent or unhappy and that’s really a hard place for you, please feel free to reach out to me. I specialize in working with women who need to find their voice, who are looking for ways to set boundaries, to be assertive. If you think you might need some work in this area, please go to my website or look at some of my services on the facebook page so you’re able to get connected with me. I can help you move forward and past some of these issues.
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