Barriers to Happiness Part. 2

Suffering and sabotage – what do these things mean to you? How do they affect your happiness?

Sabotaging and suffering are barriers that play into being unhappy and being discontent. These are such a huge component of preventing people to be happy. Sabotage happens anytime you are going through something and you begin to doubt yourself – you begin to pick things apart – you begin to kind of discount the good things that are happening to the point where you actually start to sabotage it. For some people, when things are going good for them they will actually pick apart anything they can to find any reason to make it not work out – because when thing are going well, they tend to sabotage it. We tend to self-sabotage so that nothing else can happen and we can say we ruined it, or we can say “oh well this went to crap” because we’re scared of what could actually happen.

Suffering is the next thing I’m going to talk about. There are four reasons why human beings suffer:
1.      One of the reasons why we suffer and why we are discontent is from not getting what we want. We don’t get what we want so we stay in a place of suffering. If things don’t happen the way we want them to happen or people aren’t acting the way we want them to act, we tend to “suffer.”
2.      The second reason for suffering is when we get what we want, but we aren’t satisfied with it.
3.      Thirdly, we also suffer or find ourselves in great discontentment when we can’t be with the people we love or doing the things that we love.
4.      Lastly, we suffer when we have to endure the presence of those which we do not love. So it’s the opposite of the third one. It means having to endure being around people that you just don’t like so you suffer.

These are all the different reasons why you suffer. If you find that you’re suffering its because you’re not accepting – you’re just not in a place where you’re accepting what is happening in your life. For some people when they hear the word “acceptance” they think it means that they’re saying this is how it’s going to be the rest of their life. That’s not what acceptance is. Acceptance means that when you’re able to accept that these are the circumstances that you’re under, that it is what it is. Sometimes we have to accept the fact that we don’t have the people we love with us anymore, or that we have be around people that we don’t really like or that we invested in something that really didn’t turn out the way we wanted it to or that we didn’t get to get something that we wanted but it doesn’t have to change our contentment.

Remember, happiness is a fleeting emotion. Contentment means that you feel stable, you are content with what you have, you are content but you are growing in areas. Its an acceptance of what you have in front of you, not comparing yourself to other people but understanding and realizing that what you have is valuable and even what you don’t have you have an opportunity to get or you can try to find things that help you to get it.

If you struggle with being self-sabotage or suffering and that’s really a hard place for you, please feel free to reach out to me. I specialize in working with women who need to find their voice, who are looking for ways to set boundaries, to be assertive. If you think you might need some work in this area, please go to my website or look at some of my services on the facebook page so you’re able to get connected with me. I can help you move forward and past some of these issues.
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